The Control Systems Department conducts research activity directed mainly at the design and production of the following:

  • microprocessor systems, including hard real time systems;
  • specialised electronic devices in the field of control systems, plasma sources supply systems and other power electronic systems meant for plasma-vacuum devices such as, high power radio frequency generators and high power pulse generators;
  • control systems for technological processes, plasma-vacuum processes in particular;
  • control systems for research and test devices.


The department is equipped with:

-        tools for programming engineering and microprocessor techniques, i.e. DSP signal processors and FPGA systems;

-        surface-mount laboratory;

-        devices for high-power measurements;

-        software for the identification, modelling and simulation of control systems;

-        SCADA and HMI tools;

-        laboratory for testing devices to be CE certified.

Research areas

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