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Polish Italian IDEA MATRIX Seminar, 9th June 2015

ps maleThe Strategic Programme ( is coming to an end. Its brilliant results are ready to be registered and disseminated. However, the Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute aims to further exploit the achievements and try as fast as possible to implement relevant ideas and products obtained in the Programme development. In the ITeE-PIB idea, there is no better way than to share them with partners and support meetings to exchange ideas and generate new ones.

The Institute, looking forward to enhance its network of partners and to foster new and innovative project idea creation, has launch a new practice that may be reproduced in the future: IDEA MATRIX seminar.

ITeE-PIB believes that direct contact and intense brainstorming with partners is the best way to back up creativity and to let dissemination of results has an immediate potential for further exploitation. Moreover, partnership should be as wide as possible, in order to get the biggest representativeness of society and different social environments’ needs.

This first Seminar was held in the Institute on the 9th of June 2015 and it was characterized as a bilateral exchange with some relevant Italian partners.

At the meeting participants were:

On the Italian side

On the Polish side


The meeting has been a fruitful opportunity for:

  • Presenting and discuss project ideas, both technology-based and socially-oriented ones (e.g. from mechatronics to development of new public policies to support the territory)
  • A chance for showing the ITeE-PIB facility and its laboratories, in order to clarify competencies and expertise, looking forward for a mutual exchange of visit.

Besides the specific benefits, such event showed to be a possible good practice to be replicated since it has enabled the opportunity of:

  • Knowing the partners better and establish new contacts
  • Share project ideas, discuss and evaluate them
  • Have direct and exciting brainstorming
  • Generate new project ideas
  • Last, but not least, create a friendly and cooperative environment among partners as a background for future scientific-research co-operation

Research areas

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